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International Wire Group, Inc. was formed in June 1995 through the combination of Wirekraft Industries and Omega Wire Corporation.  Since that time, International Wire Group, Inc. has made numerous acquisitions, allowing itself to build one of the most highly trained and experienced work forces in the wire industry today, utilizing the best practices from each of the acquired companies.

Wirekraft Industries (a) March 1995
Ristance Corporation (b) March 1995
Electro Components De Mexico (a) March 1995
Omega Wire, Inc. March 1995
Dekko Wire Technologies (b) March 1996
Camden Wire February 1997
Spargo Wire April 1998
Italtrecce July 1998
Forissier June 1999
PD High Performance Conductors April 2006
Hamilton Products January 2008
Global Wire
(Wyre Wynd, Negev, Montgomery Wire)
July 2008
Ffhoenix Cuivre November 2011


(a) We sold the Harness business to Viasystems in March 2000.

(b) The Insulated Division was sold in two parts; the U.S. operations were sold in December 2005. The Durango, Mexico operations and the Cebu, Philippines operations were sold in July 2006.

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