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International Wire, headquartered in Camden, New York is the largest non-vertically integrated copper and copper-alloy wire products manufacturer in the United States. Our expanded operations in Europe further distinguish our unique footprint. Our strength lies in the capacity and breadth of products we offer, which service a wide range of applications represented in a variety of diverse major market segments.

Look no further than International Wire for the highest quality bare, tin-plated, silver-plated and nickel-plated copper wires, as well as specialty items such as copper-based alloys, aluminum conductors or engineered electrical solutions.

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Q1 2021 Marketing Newsletter

Q1 2021 Marketing Newsletter

International Wire recently released its quarterly marketing newsletter. Inside this edition, we cover: International Wire’s Role in the Copper World What Markets do we serve? How can we grow? Spotlight on IWG A look at products from our North American Business Units The heart of IWG

Q2 2021 Marketing Newsletter

Q2 2021 Marketing Newsletter

At International Wire, our employees are our greatest asset and foundation of our company. In an era where technological innovations have allowed for the automation of many business processes, nothing replaces the ingenuity and innovation that our employees bring to the table.  

Products And Divisions

Our products include a broad line of copper wire constructions and gauges with a variety of electrical and conductive characteristics. International Wire operates five business units: Bare Wire Division, Continental Cordage, Hamilton Products, Owl Wire and Cable, and High Performance Conductors, located in the United States, and Engineered Products, located in Europe.

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International Wire has earned an outstanding reputation as a reliable manufacturer and supplier to Industrial/Energy, Electronics/Data Communication, Consumer/Appliance, Automotive, Aerospace, Medical markets. We partner with our customers and deliver products and solutions that exceed their expectations.

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Electronics/Data Communication



“International Wire stands committed to serving our customers’ needs while ensuring a safe environment for our associates who are dedicated to providing unmatched product capability, quality, and capacity to our industry.”

Greg Smith, President, CEO and Operating Partner